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You made it through more periods than you care to remember. You may have birthed a few children. You may still have some of those children living at home. You aren’t off the hook just yet since perimenopause typically starts in your 40’s and menopause graces you in your early 50’s. How menopause impacts you will vary depending on your lifestyle, genetics and even your state of mind. Here’s where we come in. Think of us as half toolkit, half cheerleader. You have made it this far, let us help you throw a figurative farewell party to menstrual products. We can’t guarantee you won’t still cry at certain commercials though. Seriously, anything starring a baby and a puppy should come with a trigger warning. We can offer you the resources, tools and support you need to transition into the next phase as smoothly as possible.

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The “Sandwich” Generation

Here’s the scenario: A 56 year old married woman, who works fulltime and is the mother of a college student and a teenager, must care for her 90 year old widowed father, who still lives in his home. He is at the mercy of others to help maintain his independence. The...

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Change Your Heart, Save Your Life

Every year, February has been the month to Go Red for Women, a campaign started by the American Heart Association (AHA) to promote women’s cardiovascular health. According to, over 627,000 lives have been saved since 2005, meaning 34% fewer women...

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As People Get Older, Friendships May Change

As people get older, they acquire new interests and hobbies, things that didn’t interest them, or occur to them, when younger. Who knew the philosophy professor would become a beekeeper or the social worker would reinvent herself as a wildlife rescuer? Life takes some...

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We Empower Women To Make Informed Decisions

Menopause Glossary

If you ever suffered from “pregnancy brain” then you will quickly realize “menopause brain” is just as annoying and oftentimes inconvenient. That’s why we compiled a glossary of commonly used terms (over 180 to be exact) so you don’t have to waste any brainpower looking them up. We’ve got this.

Symptom Tracker

Hot flashes anyone? With 29 common symptoms built into our tracker we make it easy to keep a daily chart of what is occurring. In fact, we set this up so you can email your practitioner a monthly overview of what you are experiencing in order to better treat your symptoms.

Additional Tools

It’s not uncommon for your provider to ask that you record your blood pressure, weight, and how many (if any) periods are still occuring. We made this easy by including a simplified period tracker based on our parent app, Period View in addition to the other tools mentioned.

Daily Journal

In addition to tracking your symptoms, we suggest you keep a daily journal. Don’t have one…no problem. Our app has a daily journal that gives you the option of documenting more personal information or acts as a place to add notes or questions to ask your provider. Download the app below.

Menopause Quiz

How much do you know about a menopause and womens wellness? Our quiz has been taken almost 16,500 times. To date, the average score on the quiz is 60%. Want to see how you measure up? With only 6 out of every 10 questions right, it seems there is a lot to learn. Remember, knowledge is power.

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With Menopause View™, knowledge can change your experience. This app features a symptom tracker, journal, handy tools, 175+ term glossary, calendar, and more – all aimed at providing you with information to help you on your journey! The app also features community blogs, written by women just like you. *Doctor approved. Download it now in the following app stores:

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