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We have come a long way from sanitary belts and the general shame and untidiness that have shrouded menstruating women for basically, EVER. There is still much work to be done and thankfully women are making an impact now more than ever by demanding menstrual products be tax free (these really aren’t luxury items). Or by inventing products that make taking care of that time of the month safer (no weird chemicals and bleach in my va-jay-jay thank you). Or notably the women (and sometimes men) that challenge cultural taboos by stating the obvious. Having your period is a normal and healthy part of life. Deal with it.

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Is the Diaphragm Making a Comeback?

A woman’s health company based in Virginia, wants to bring interest back to an old fashion birth control with first of its kind one-size-fits-most diaphragm named Caya. This diaphragm is the first to come out in over fifty years. It is not surprising that when the...

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Unexpected Period: What to Do

Coming on your period when you’re really not expecting it can be annoying, inconvenient and even embarrassing at times. If you don’t have any supplies in your handbag and you’re wearing a really inappropriate outfit, getting your period can be a bit of a nightmare!...

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Menstruation Glossary

Who knew there are over 35 terms associated with menstruation?! Now you do. Our handy reference will explain any period term that currently alludes you.

Basal Body Temp

One of the earliest forms of family planning, basal body temperature is still used to help determine when you are most fertile in order to achieve or avoid pregnancy.

Teen View

Are you a newbie on the period scene and embarrassed to ask questions or learn about all the options for managing your period. We tell you everything you need to know.

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Our contributors update this section with news from around the world, product reviews, memes, funny stories and pretty much every random period reference. It’s amazing how much is available on the internet about your menstrual cycle.

Period Quiz

How much do you know about a woman’s body and her menstrual cycle? Our quiz has been taken almost 3,000 times. To date, the average score on the quiz is 71%. Want to see how you measure up? If you are the betting type, we recommend some type of chocolate.

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a sophisticated calendar-based tool designed to help you keep track of your menstrual periods, fertile days, ovulation and predict upcoming periods. This app also helps you chart your Basal Body Temperature. The data collected from your input is easily available – you can even email your data to your practitioner for their review. *Doctor approved. Download it now in the following app stores:

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