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Healthy Pregnancy Cravings

When I was pregnant, I craved orange juice like it was going out of style. OJ with breakfast, OJ with lunch, OJ with dinner. Before growing a child inside my body, I never liked orange juice. However, once the 2nd trimester hit, I wanted all the orange juice. And all...

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Read the latest on pregnancy, birth and postpartum from our talented group of contributors.

Working With Morning Sickness

Often viewed as a badge of honor, morning sickness can strike even the toughest expecting mama at the most inopportune times during her pregnancy. Despite its punctual namesake, morning sickness can happen in the morning, noon and night, and maintaining one’s...

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Having A Baby – Getting From Someday To OK

“So when are you guys having kids?” This question was posed to me so many times during my late twenties that I lost count of how often I politely smiled, sipped my wine, and answered “someday.” The truth was I had no idea. I definitely wanted to have a baby and start...

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Pregnancy Glossary

Has pregnancy introduced you to more terms and conditions than your latest software update? Relax and browse through our Glossary for easy-to-understand definitions on 98 (and counting) common pregnancy related terms.

Nutrition and Fitness

Your full-time job is staying as healthy as possible during your pregnancy. We know it’s not without its challenges as you adjust to your new body. We try to make it easier with specific recipes, exercises and tips just for you!


Whether you feel like you are in for double the joy or double the trouble (or triple!), we know Mammas of multiples can use some extra support. Let us help you get prepared and feeling confident before you welcome your new babies.

Pregnancy Symptoms

There are common symptoms like fatigue and morning sickness but did you know pregnancy can also cause snoring and excessive sweating? We can’t cure your annoying new discomforts but we offer ways to help you deal.

Safe Practices

Since you can’t live in a bubble during your pregnancy we want to keep you up-to-date on what to steer clear of while you are growing a tiny human. In addition we will bust common myths associated with pregnancy concerns.

Popular Baby Names

Your baby isn’t the only one going through incredible deveolpment every week. Your body is changing at a pretty rapid rate as well. We give you the inside scoop on what’s happening and what to expect on a weekly basis.

Week By Week

Excited to compare your growing baby to a fruit or veggie? We give you those growth markers along with an accurate representation of your growing baby. Weekly detailed descriptions of your baby’s progress plus what changes to expect with your body.

Pregnancy Quiz

How much do you know about pregnancy? Our quiz has been taken over 17,000 times. To date, the average score on the quiz is 56%. Want to see how you and your partner measure up? If you are the betting type we recommend wagering a foot massage.

All About Doulas

Doulas provide physical, emotional, and informational support to women and their partners during labor, birth and postpartum.

Doula Wiki

What is a doula and how will a labor support person benefit my birth outcome? This is a comprehensive summary of doulas and an excellent place to start if you are new to the idea of working with a doula.

Doula Services

The Doula’s encouragement, reassurance, and practical knowledge of comfort measures and labor enhancing techniques can decrease pain and anxiety for the laboring mother. Learn more about how doulas improve birth outcomes.

Doula Coaching

Want the support of a doula but don’t have one available in your area? We offer the next best thing. Get matched up with a doula and receive customized advice and support at your convenience.

Dads and Doulas

Many women know they want a doula because they see the benefit of having continuous support during labor and the postpartum period. For some fathers, a doula might seem like a replacement. Here’s how they work together.

Doula FAQ's

In addition to our Doula Wiki, the following is a list of ten common questions that are most frequently asked about birth doulas. These questions were supplied to us by actual doulas and their clients. These are helpful when you interview potential doulas.

Postpartum FAQ's

Many doulas specialize in postpartum care and can help ease the transition into parenthood with a helping hand and sound advice. This is particularly valuable to parents of multiples, difficult postpartum recovery or lack of family in close proximity.

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